Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Overcoming the fear of fundraising

Brooke, Jen and Lori: at the ready to help make fundraising easier.
Have no fundraising fear! The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step— and in this case, that first step is updating your page and sending it out!

It happens to the best of us.  We become overwhelmed by a project of raising $500, and that fear prevents us from starting the project at all.  Here are ways to overcome the thoughts that might be holding you back from making your goal:

1.       I have no time. We completely understand.  Time seems to be a luxury these days as we try to pack more in to every day.  The good news is updating your website and sending out an e-mail can be accomplished in a few minutes. Before you log in to facebook next time, update your page and make that your next status. Or, you can send an e-mail with one simple line: “You hate cancer as much as the next person. You’ve lost a loved one, are grateful to celebrate with someone who has beaten it, or know someone who’s battling cancer right now. Donate today to fund important cancer research (insert link).”

2.       I don’t like asking for money. Honesty will get you far. In your e-mail or letter plea, share your discomfort. “I’m outside of my comfort zone asking for money, but because I’ve watched how cancer ravages families, I feel confident joining this campaign to fund cancer research and I am looking for your support…” or “It seems silly we have to fund-raise for the things that are most important, but without people getting a little fired up, nothing ever changes." Here's a real-life example: In 1971, President Nixon declared a ‘War on Cancer,’ passing the National Cancer Act, which led to an unprecedented growth in investment in cancer research as the key to defeat cancer. At the time, 3 million cancer survivors were walking among us in the United States. Today, there are over 12 million cancer survivors, thanks to a commitment to cancer research which has helped to develop cancer prevention and early detection strategies, and more effective treatments for individuals who are diagnosed with cancer.

3.       I’m worried about rejection. Using tools like Facebook, e-mail, and your web page, you are saved from face-to-face “no.” You can even indicate in your e-mail,” I’m sending you this e-mail because you don’t have to say no to a donation to fund cancer research to me directly. J You can hit delete on this e-mail and we’re still friends, okay?  I know we all have a lot going on, and that we all have to wade in and wade out of the charity waters from time to time.”

4.       My friends are strapped for cash. Any donation is critical to funding cancer research.  Researchers have made impressive progress, but it is critical that our commitment to cancer research continues in order to meet the needs of individuals impacted by cancer all over the world. And research takes money.  Find out where your money goes here.  All 100% of it goes to cancer research in laboratories. I know Huntsman Cancer Institute and believe in its mission and that is why I am asking you to forgo a coffee, a bagel, or brown bag it instead of heading out to lunch, and chip in to my goal today.  
Besides you page... here are some fun ideas to complement your efforts:

1 Send an email to family and friends with your page link
2 Agree to clean your apartment or house for a donation for roommates or family
3 Ask a restaurant that you frequent to donate a portion of a special night of business to your fundraising.  Your part will be to get people to the restaurant that night.
4 Ask the company you work for to donate on your behalf
5 Babysit for donations
6 Bake Sale at your job, in your neighborhood, or dorm
7 Break it down.  Your fundraising minimum might seem like a large sum, but if you break it down into smaller increments, it’s an easy task to accomplish!
*$500 is asking 10 people for $50 donations or 20 people for $25 donations!
*$200 is asking 10 people for 20 for $10 donations!
8 Collect soda cans to recycle for money
9 Facebook! This is a great way to let others know about the event as well as ask them to donate
10 Send a fundraising follow-up letter: write a passionate plea. Include pictures and facts on cancer (we can send you these).  Show them what you have accomplished (money and training) and what you need still to reach your goal.
11 Deliver singing telegrams!
12 Hang a flyer where people know you, like at your place of work or in your residence hall
13 Have a car wash
14 HCI coin collector - get  people in your life involved by having change wars in a "donation jar" 
15 Help motivate someone as their personal trainer or gym partner
16 Hold a dating auction
17 Hold a yard sale with donated items
18 Lemonade, ice cream or candy stand
19 Make donation fliers and hand them out to friends, buildings, family and neighbors
20 Make greeting cards to sell
21 Make bracelets to sell
22 Mow a neighbors lawn
23 Offer your house cleaning services to others for a donation
24 Organize a talent show
25 Paint a fence
26 Seek businesses to donate to your cause
27 Sell old text books
28 Sell something on Ebay (clothes, sports equipment, etc.) 
29 Sell your own craft or talent (canning, making jam, knitting, fixing, etc)
30 Send an article and photo of yourself to your local paper or neighborhood newsletter. 
Make sure you include information on how they can donate to you.
31 Shovel Snow/Do yard work.
32 Someone can’t donate money? Ask them to help you in another way by donating their talents.  (Hold an event, help write your letter, or fundraise on your behalf.)
33 Stand up in your classes/at work - Ask your professor/boss for permission to pass
around a  donation jar around, ask people to join the event.
34 Take an envelope everywhere you go at the next get together, tell your friends and family what you are doing and ask them to donate towards your goal
35 Teach someone a skill or a sport for a donation
36 Tend a pet or walk a dog
37 Throw a party with a suggested donation jar ($1-$5 per person)
38 Tutor younger siblings, students or neighbors
39 Try the preemptive thank you. Send someone a thank you card with a return envelope
back for their donation.
40 Wash Windows
41 Water plants
42 Work with your church or synagogue to put an announcement in the bulletin 
43 Wrap Gifts
44 Enlist your family/neigbors to help with a lemonade/cookie sale
45 Are you handy?  Offer your fix-it skills to someone for a donation

Call or e-mail us anytime... but know that the first question we asked is "have you sent your web page out???" Try starting, you'll be surprised at what will come back in return!
Brooke, Jen, and Lori

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